Greenpowerpac pulp tableware started production of pulp tableware in 2008, in Suqian Jiangsu province.
Now it has grown into a manufacturer of professional bagasse, bamboo pulp and paper tableware with an annual capacity of 800 containers.
Greenpowerpac has two factories in two place:  New factory in Anhui province, old factory in Jiangsu province.
This can make us more flexible to fulfill our customer’s demand.
We have our own patented technology to make uniform quality pulp tableware, when we look at the light transmission, you will find that the paper pulp of our products is evenly distributed and there will be no black blocks. Many other factories will have such a situation. Check your buying products you will find, Observe it through the light.
We also have our own mold development factory. Our patented mold aluminum inlay technology can make our molds last longer and more durable. 
The quality of the products produced by our own mold is better, the surface is smoother, and there are few folds. Besides, we offer cheaper molds price for our own customer.
Welcome to visit our factory, we will be responsible for receiving and arranging accommodation. Please contact us in advance, thank you.
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